Mission & Goals


John Wood Community College enriches lives through learning by providing accessible educational opportunities and services at an exceptional value.

John Wood statue


John Wood Community College will be the community’s partner and leader in education, workforce training, and lifelong learning.

Strategic Goals

John Wood Community College will achieve its vision through an unwavering commitment to five strategic goals:

  • Student success
  • Excellence in programs, services, and employees
  • Enrollment growth and stability
  • Leadership and partnerships
  • Responsible management of resources

Core Values

John Wood Community College staff and faculty will be guided by these core values in everything we do:

Excellence —We will put forth our personal and professional best in all we do.

Accountability—We will take ownership of our actions, programs, and services.

Integrity—We will be honest and ethical in our work and relationships.

Servant Leadership—We will put the needs of others first and help people reach their full potential.

Lifelong Learning—We will encourage everyone to continually improve their knowledge and skills.